“The casino is in Boston.” — Mayor Menino, Boston Globe, 6/6/12

ReveresFairShare.com is here to help you to work in support of our city getting its fair share from the casino proposed for Suffolk Downs. We are not anti-casino. We are pro-Revere. There will be negative impacts on our city from the casino, and we believe the City of Revere deserves an equal share of the revenue generated at the Suffolk Downs casino. Clearly the Mayor of Boston doesn’t care about Revere’s input. Our city’s leadership must understand our concerns and take a stand for Revere. The current proposal is unfair to Revere, and unless it is changed, the voters of Revere should reject it.

How you can help

  1. Sign our petition to our local elected officials, Suffolk Downs and Caesars Entertainment asking them to support Revere’s fair share.

  2. Contact Mayor Dan Rizzo and the Revere City Council and tell them to fight for Revere’s Fair Share.

  3. Write a Letter to the Editor to our local and regional newspapers calling for Revere to receive it’s fair share.

  4. Volunteer to help our grassroots organization inform Revere’s residents about the current proposal and their rights as voters to impact it.

  5. Contribute to the cause. As a purely volunteer effort, we are in need of donations to truly impact this process and secure Revere’s fair share.