ReveresFairShare.com is comprised of residents of Revere concerned with the development of a resort casino at Suffolk Downs. We support the idea of a casino on this property, but have serious concerns about the City of Boston getting the financial benefits while Revere is left with the liabilities. Any casino proposal that is to be supported by the voters of Revere during the citywide mandated vote must share all revenues equally between the cities of Boston and Revere. This is the only way that a casino at Suffolk Downs makes sense to the people of Revere.

Talking Points

  • We support a casino at Suffolk Downs. We are opposed to Revere not getting its fair share of the revenues generated by the casino.
  • Currently, the City of Boston will not only receive all of the local taxes and fees generated by the casino at Suffolk Downs, but they will also benefit from a Host Community Agreement that will include mitigation money. The City of Boston is poised to take in SIGNIFICANTLY more revenue than Revere.
  • There will be millions of dollars in local tax and permitting fees generated by a Suffolk Downs casino. We CANNOT settle for mitigation money without a guarantee of getting some of the annual local tax revenue that will be generated.
  • The City of Revere will benefit from a Host Community Agreement that includes mitigation money but it will NOT receive ANY of the local taxes or fees generated at the Suffolk Downs casino.
  • At stake are millions of dollars in property taxes, meals taxes, hotel room taxes, and permitting and licensing fees. In the current proposal, with only a parking lot and horse stables on the Revere side of the property, our city will miss out on nearly all of this RECURRING revenue.
  • The mitigation package that will be worked out over the next few months will only serve as one time funding and/or relief measures. Even though funding and/or mitigating measures may be spread over a number of years, it pales in comparison to the amount of revenue that will be generated at the casino annually.
  • The City of Revere is in position to be the only community to host a casino in Massachusetts without receiving any of the taxes or fees generated by the casino.
  • The City of Taunton is getting $33 million in up-front mitigation payments AND a minimum of $13 million in annual payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT).
  • Revere’s Fire and Police headquarters are 167 feet from the Suffolk Downs property line. The nearest East Boston fire station is almost a mile and a half away. Boston Police District A7 headquarters are nearly 3 miles from Suffolk Downs. Revere Police and Revere Fire will be called on to respond to incidents arising at the casino and we will need to have the tax revenue to hire additional staff.
  • Although the $40 million that is being proposed to make traffic improvements is a good first step, there are a lot more improvements that need to be made to reduce traffic. Although this burden should not completely fall on Suffolk Downs’ shoulders, the City of Revere could afford more infrastructure upgrades if we were receiving a portion of the millions in casino tax revenue.